We can help teachers in many ways. I'm guessing you are referring to the SingSMART Series designed for teachers and self-study singers. I'll give you some of the most requested information below, but if you can share more of your teaching situation we'll be happy to help you find the perfect fit!

The first part of the equation would be the classroom setting (one on one, or a music class), the second would be the technology available to you and your students. Explaining briefly - The A2Z Smart Music Academy has the SingSMART and several other training programs online. The SingSMART programs provide interactive software, audio and a printable book. Using the Academy allows the students to easily train and do homework...at home. Having access to many different teachers allows you to tailor your students curriculum and progress all within one easy-to-use system.

Most teachers like to begin with the SingSMART series due to the organized and quality content, along with its lesson plan design.  Regardless of the choice(hard-copy, online or combination), we highly recommend that all of your students either have a hard copy book or online license for training. This allows you to put responsibility in their hands for achievement and dedication, provides easy practice tools and allows you to assign homework so they can learn things most music classes don't have time to cover. Using this method has been a huge success, and we do our best to provide affordable options for students on a strict budget.

You can choose from a Download and Go option if you are just looking for a training manual.  However we highly recommend you Join the Academy, along with your students.  You will have access to  ALL SingSmart training manuals, along with the Vocal Fitness Room.  Assigning vocal exercises and lessons to your students will be fast and easy, allowing you to concentrate on the implementation of the information during your lessons.


The best selling curriculum for teacher use is the Singing is Easy program. It is set up as a series of lessons known as "The 10 Steps to Singing Success" with diagrams and quizzes, along with vocal exercises to learn. This is a step-by-step series, organized and easy to understand, but can be difficult for young ages to read. However, this course is an excellent teacher's manual for those teaching any age.  The concepts presented will help you shape habits that will protect their voice and grow their vocal skills.


Is an audio-based program that gives a shorter less-detailed explanation of the "10 Steps to Singing Success" than Singing is Easy. It is popular among private lesson teachers. With the allotted time most teachers have you can easily present a lesson from the program, teach the related exercise to demonstrate what they just learned, and then move on to song performance working to apply what they just learned. Its a building structure and when the students are at home they can use the exercise CD to practice what they learned per your assignment. The exercises are contemporary in nature, so you can imagine they are more popular than the standard piano classics.


This little course was designed for those that wanted the basics with no frills, and little patience for detail. It contains a small handbook that Elementary Teachers love and pro singers keep in their gig bag. It also contains an 8.5 minute vocal warmup that is fun as a group warmup and perfect for the karaoke singer, or pro in a pinch for time.


Free SingSmart Academy previews available with a 5 Day Visitor Pass.

I hope I have helped with the information provided and not overwhelmed you! I look forward to hearing from you again.

Kind regards