If you are having trouble with the VOCAL EXERCISES and/or the SMARTplayer TM, please try these suggestions.  If you need additional assistance, submit a HELP DESK ticket.

Please note the following requirements are for the Midi Vocal Exercise Section (with transpose options) only.  Most of the audio provided throughout the Academy is MP3 audio and compatible with 99% of computers, browsers and devices.

(1)  SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - Your computer or device must have the most up-to-date JAVA and Midi Capabilities.

(2)  BROWSER - We recommend the Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox Browser.  

When using these browsers, the SMARTplayer moves around your page, making it easy and convenient to work with any part of the Vocal Exercise Collection.

Unfortunately, IE9 parks the player at the top of your page.  It still works, but not nearly as convenient.

(3) OPERATING SYSTEMS - The only operating system we had trouble with was Windows Vista, but after uninstalling and reinstalling JAVA we were able to get the system to work.


(a)  Make sure you have JAVA and MIDI capabilties.

(b)  Try using another Internet Browser.

(c)  Try emptying your Internet Browser cache.

(d)  Try uninstalling and reinstalling JAVA.